Seasonal Affective Disorder SAD

Stop the Stigma

fall leaves nov 2011 tree

There is something so extraordinary about autumn.  The different hues of the leaves and vegetation transforming nature in its last art exhibit just before Mother Nature’s final curtain. I love to go on long drives this time of year and lately, I stop my car anywhere…right in any spot where my eye is drawn to beauty. 

But the entire season is not ALL great.  There is half of autumn when the leaves have all fallen, when the ground is turning a non-colour, and when you can’t differentiate green from harvest gold to beige to decay. The days have shortened so much that darkness takes up the majority of those 24 hours. And you’ve guessed it; moods start to change with some folks.  Yours truly is one of them.

When I was a teen, my parents separated and our family home was auctioned off mid-October. For years thereafter, I always associated the fall/winter blues…

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