dreaming of blossoms (haibun)


~~ Norman Vincent Peale

I read this quote while visiting a blog at Moon over Spumoni.   It spoke to me. Quotes do that to us, don’t they. You may have heard countless quotes, proverbs, prayers or poetry most of your life and then, for the second or thousandth time you read it and it actually draws you in.

Imagination is the true magic carpet…indeed!  Like the caring doctor at Cidar House Rules, read bedtime stories to the children at the orphanage,  bedtime snack feeding dreams on their magic carpet.

Can you imagine not being able to drift off to dream land when you were a child?  What if you were going through a difficult time in your life?  You are perhaps grieving the loss of dear pet and you are too young to grasp the concept of “forever”.  But you can imagine times you played with that pet, hugged him, shared your deepest secrets with him.   Perhaps it is the loss of friend or relative…be it through death or a long long absence, the  lack of his or her presence is heartfelt.  Nothing can fill the void…that darn emptiness can never be replaced BUT in time it will be healed by filling it with those memories you can imagine anytime you want and room for more amazing memories to bless your heart and your soul with joy.

Imagination is like nourishment…no medicine healing moments of despair. I see imagination synonymous to hope because it enables one to feel there is always hope.  Have you ever had a dream for a very long time? Have you ever had a dream realized to some extent it felt like déjà-vu?  Some will say, “Pinch me! I must be dreaming!”    That is how I see imagination related to hope. What would life be like without hope?  Without hope there is no faith, so little room for trust…

A hungry baby cries in the night and is nursed, however, unanswered cries in the night, a child no longer tries.

Imagination are not only the making of fairy tales but the remedy for the disheartened.

© Cheryl-Lynn Roberts ’14/11/17

In springtime

butterflies in a garden

imagine blossoms

© Tournesol ‘14

3 thoughts on “dreaming of blossoms (haibun)

  1. Ohhh, this is truly marvelous–and I love the reference to the Dr in Cider House Rules, a book I loved. Those bedtime stories and the “goodnight” which felt like a benediction–oh my, how they stirred and elevated the orphans (and me, with my orphan heart); also, I related so personally to the doctor’s gentle exhortation to “be of use”–as a theme of the book, and life. Your words, “imagination is like nourishment”–this is so true, a gem. This imagination theme is having a ripple effect: after you contacted me about doing your post (following my quotation post), I got yet another poem from it–which I’ve posted at my other blog, No Hallmark Movie (.wordpress.com). This is what I love best about the richly sensitive sector of the WP community–the flow of soul stirring, “nourishing” work. It raises the level and quality of blogging, I believe. I have a small confession: I’ve been too intimidated by the haibun form to try it….But maybe you will inspire me to step out in faith! I’m grateful for the connection we’ve made–thank you for your communications via the comment box. God bless you abundantly.

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