Back to school soon

Fall colours

(c) Clr ’14

One can have mixed feelings at the end of summer. Ending the greens and floral colour, yet beginning the warm rich amber and gold colours of the changing leaves. The flowers slowly lower their heads until they fall but the sunflower stands tall until the first snowfall here. The trees lose their gold and reds but a few stand strong as the old oak does.

Back to school around the corner…some have even started in other parts of the world.

Summers give
sweet reprieve
last year’s intimidation
feeling powerless
on most days
fear now,
returning to
more humiliation
unless prowess
patience and endurance
lead the way

use your words
the mind is strongest
fists and feet
just cause defeat
lowering oneself
to uncivilized times
words can hurt
so beware
use your words
heed your heart
will lead the ways
to  better days.


yellow flowers
sunflowers in the lead
stand strong until fall

yellow flowers
daisies and buttercups
earn their way

sunflowers in the lead
lazy start in mid-summer
still – catch the prize

stand strong until fall
even bullies change of heart
summer heals the soul

(c) Tournesol ’15